Valotalive Power BI App is compliant with the Microsoft Power BI Basic and Advanced filtering functionality. With filters you can go from a high level report towards more detailed information to serve your target audience better. Filters remove all the data from the report, except the one that you would like to focus on and show on your report.

Apply filters (page, visual, report, drill-through) in the Filter pane. Applying any of the filters have direct effect on your report.

Use Filters in Valotalive Power BI App

  1. Activate your own Power BI App

    Detailed instructions here: MS Power BI report app - Activate and use

  2. Go to the Power BI Report App's settings

  3. Click SHOW ADVANCED to get to the Filter options:

  4. Scroll dow to the setting Filter to use

  5. Look from MS Power BI your Table and Column names.
    Note! These are case sensitive

  6. Choose your value

  7. Add filter in Valotalive and Input your values

  8. SAVE

Complete the work by adding the app to a flow or directly to a display.

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