Valotalive MS Teams app is used to display MS Teams conversations on digital signage displays, to engage employees and to extend the reach of communications.

Customers can activate their MS Teams app in Valotalive as a self-service with a few clicks. Valotalive’s Teams app automatically shows the main messages from a selected Teams channel on your Digital Displays.

Some permissions in the Microsoft ecosystem can be set to admin-restricted. This means that in some cases admin approval within your company is needed, before you can move forward with your Valotalive - MS Teams authentication.

For the Valotalive app to be able to display the selected messages on screens, it needs access to certain data. Valotalive uses Microsoft Graph API to access the content. The requirements for the permissions have been described below.

What is Admin consent and what do I need to do?

Before the authentication is possible, Company Azure Admins need to grant the given users the right to perform such authentication and give user consent. Valotalive will ask for the following permissions regarding MS Teams:

  • offline_access as Delegated

    The following as Application

  • Channel.ReadBasic.All

  • Group.Read.All

  • Sites.Read.All

  • User.Read.All

  • ChannelMember.Read.All

  • ChannelMessageRead.All

Teams User consent permissions

Valotalive will ask for the following permissions for Users as Delegated

  • openid

  • profile

  • email

  • offline_access

  • Channel.Read.Basic.All

  • ChannelMember.Read.All

  • ChannelMessage.Read.All

  • User.Read.All

  • Group.Read.All

ValotaLive Teams Application uses admin content permissions type “Application” and “Delegated”. Thus admin consent for the application can be given by either “Global Administrator” or “Privileged Role Administrator”

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Data Management

The conversations are routed to the selected media players. The relevant conversations are stored on the media player cache for as long as the app is assigned to the display. For further information please see our Privacy Policy

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