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Network configurations for the Valotalive managed end-points
Network configurations for the Valotalive managed end-points

Valotalive Digital signage requires a media player which typically is a mini-pc. Supported platforms are Chrome OS and WIN10.

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Company's media players can be self-managed, or Valotalive managed. Should your company purchase media players from Valotalive before delivery we will be asking questions regarding the network for preconfiguration purposes.

We pride ourselves on providing the solution where the media players will start to function without a hassle, just plug-n-play.

Network configurations for the end-points

You can choose to use either wired (LAN) or wireless network with Valotalive end-points.

When using wireless network following information is needed to preconfigure devices plug-n-play ready:

  • WiFi SSID

  • Is the SSID visible or hidden?

  • Security Type: None, WEP, WPA/WPA2

  • If secured, the password for the network

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