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Login with Valotalive Single Sign-On using a company specific login page.

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All new Admin users create their own accounts. After an account has been created the company Super Admin grants needed permissions to the new Admin user.

Remember to promote your Valotalive SSO link internally where relevant. The link is in format”company_name” With out that link a new user cannot create an Admin account.

New Admin user account is created following the steps below:

  1. Create an Admin account to Valotalive

    The new admin user logs in using the company specific login page”company_name”. An account in Valotalive is created when the user logs in for the first time.

  2. The new Admin user saves the Valotalive login page to favorites

    The New Admin users should save the login page to the browser favorites.

    In case the browser refuses to save the login page, the next steps for proceeding are:

    1. Sign out from the company account

    2. Save the link to your browser's favorites

    3. Sign back in.

    Or you can also create another browser profile, e.g. using a Chrome browser, and save the link using the secondary browser profile (see image below):

  3. Super Admin grants permissions

    After the account has been created the company Super Admin grants the needed permissions for the new user account:

    Super Admin can manage privileges and drag&drop the Admin user to the correct organization box in Valotalive settings under My Company | Organization

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