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SSO login and basics
SSO login and basics

This guide explains how Single Sign-On (SSO) works within Valotalive

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With SSO, users can access Valotalive using their existing company login credentials, eliminating the need for separate Valotalive passwords.

How SSO Worksโ€‹

  1. User Email Check: When you attempt to log in to Valotalive using the SSO link, Valotalive verifies your email address with your company's Identity Management Platform (like Microsoft AD).

  2. Authorization: If your email is valid and authorized for Valotalive access, you'll be granted access.

Logging In with Existing Account

Inviting New Users

  1. Assign Permissions: In your company's Identity Management Platform, grant the new user access to Valotalive.

  2. Share the Link: Invite the new user via email with the SSO link: (Note: The standard invitation method through Valotalive is disabled with SSO).

New Admin User Account Creation

  1. SSO Login: The new user logs in using the company-specific SSO login page.

  2. Account Creation: Upon first login, a Valotalive account is automatically created for the user.

  3. Save the Login Link: It's recommended to save the SSO login link to the user's browser favorites for easy future access.

Granting Permissions to New Admin User

  • The company's Super Admin assigns necessary permissions within Valotalive settings via My Company > Organization (

    This involves dragging and dropping the new user to the appropriate organizational group box.

Important Reminders

  • Promote the SSO link internally within your company for easy access.

  • New Admin users cannot create accounts on their own; the initial account is created through the first SSO login.

  • In case the browser cannot save the SSO login link, users can sign out, save the link to favorites, and then sign back in. Alternatively, they can create a separate browser profile for Valotalive access.

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