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Set a Display to an interval
Set a Display to an interval

On occasion there comes a need to pause the service use for a certain period of time. Use the Turn Off function to stop monthly invoicing

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This article explains how to turn off your screens remotely. This will not remove Valotalive from the screen but with this action you can put a Display to an interval if there is a need for it.

  1. Go to Displays / All Displays

  2. Locate the Display you want to put on an interval and click to open the settings.

  3. Go to the Displays ACTIONS tab

  4. Switch the Display on/off button to the OFF mode

  5. Remove all Apps and/or Flows from the Display

    In the end your Display should say that it has been turned off - before it is actually turned off

    TIP! You might want to make a note to the Displays NOTE tab to let the other team members know what you’ve done to the Display and why

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