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A theme is a company specific settings for typography (fonts), color schemes, to be used with the automated contents on the displays.

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A theme consists of different layers: The bottom is the background, and top is the application layer, i.e. the actual content.

Background basics

All apps have a background, "a safe space" between the display outer rim and the content. A background can be either an image or a color, see example below:

Typography in the theme

Modifiable elements in typography are font colors and fonts. Valotalive offers over 250 different fonts. On request, a company specific font can be uploaded to the service.

Title text font and color and Body text font and color are used in all automated posts, e.g. in a Sharepoint news post, public news post or Teams post, etc.

NOTE! The look and feel of a post created with MS Powerpoint or Google Slides uses the style of the original document.

Main colors and accent colors

The main colors to every post are

  • the background color

  • the color framing the content / post and

  • font colors for the title and the body text.

Accent colors are used in dates, names and other small elements on a post. the three big circles are used as accent colors:

Best designs use only 3 colors with the 60-30-10 rule:

  • 60% for dominant color

  • 30% for secondary color

  • 10 % for the accent color

Manage and update the theme settings

  1. Go to My Account | Themes

    Choose the theme you wish to use and click edit in the dropdown:

  2. Edit the background by choosing BG from the theme settings:

    1. Background type can be either color, or an image.

      NOTE ! There is a 10 MB upload limit to Theme’s background images.

    2. An image is uploaded to Valotalive:
      Note! The image should be at least as accurate as the display these contents are shown, e.g. with 4K display the image resolution should be 3840 × 2160 pixels.

    3. Background color to be applied by the app is a layer in front of the background color /image. In the above example you can see the app's background is white.

    4. Opacity of the above color 0 being transparent, 1 fully opaque refers to the Background color. Transparency works best with background images.

  3. Modify Title text and body text fonts and colors

    Take the mouse on top of the text elements and you'll see a pen. With the pen you are able to modify the used font and color of that font.

    You can modify the Title text and the Body text in similar ways.

  4. Modify the accent colors
    A pen is seen with the accent colors if you take the mouse on top of the circle.

    The colors in the small circles are not used in any of the Apps, so they can be discarded.

  5. Finalize your theme

    1. Naming your theme accordingly

    2. SAVE your changes and close with X

    3. Verify the theme and assign who can use this theme:

      Is it meant for
      * only You, the Creator
      * Your company and
      * if this a default setting for your company

And once saved you and your colleagues can add the Theme to be applied in all of the Apps you wish. Modify the setting on the App settings.

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