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Changing the Orientation of a Display
Changing the Orientation of a Display

In this article you will find a few simple steps to adjust the Display orientation

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The Media Player normally understands automatically which orientation the Display uses for presenting contents. This information comes from the Display to the Media Player.

But sometimes there are hick-up's with the communication between the Display and the Media Player.

A stretched content indicates that there is a problem with the orientation. In those cases check the Display orientation from Valotalive at the Displays tab.

Change the orientation of a Display

The orientation of a Display can be changed with keyboard commands given to the Media Player:

Attach a keyboard to the Chrome box.
Then press simultaneously the keys CTRL + SHIFT + F3 (or Refresh key, see image below)

Each press changes the orientation 90 degrees.

For example from this:

.. to this:


You might need to adjust the Display settings with a remote control as well.
Please contact Valotalive for further support.

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