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Access control - IP blocking
Access control - IP blocking

IP Blocking restricts connections outside the allowed IP addresses or IP ranges. This

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There are two methods for access control in Valotalive: IP range and Single Sign-On (SSO). This article covers the activation of IP range restriction for Valotalive. With the IP range restriction activated, connections outside the specific IP address or IP range are prohibited to connect to Valotalive cloud.

The IP blocking is used with add-on services:

βœ” Embedded Apps and

Activate IP block

The general steps regarding the process are:

  1. The Customer indicates to Valotalive team, that they would like to activate the IP block to be used with Embedded Apps and /or Virtual displays

  2. Fill the IP's to the IP BLOCK Data tab:

    The Company Super Admin can fill and later modify the IP ranges.

    1. Separate each address or range by comma or space.

    If you feel that everybody should be able to access the contents shown on the displays add and ranges to include all the addresses in IPV4 space.


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