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Extend the reach of your info screen posts with My Content Embed
Extend the reach of your info screen posts with My Content Embed

My Content Embed enables My Content channels to be embedded into any browser, such as an intranet or other employee communication channels.

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With My Content Embed you can display My Content channels on any selected website, such as company intranet, with a turnkey app. This increases the reach of your My Content posts in a fun way and users can easily discover, scroll and click on the posts.

The key features are:

✔ Show posts from My Content and Wall

✔ You can select multiple My Contents or a specific My Content to be published on the web

✔ Enables relevant content for global and local (country) intranet sites

A user-friendly discovery and scrolling of the posts, two layouts available (Grid or List)

Optionally available:

✔ MS AD SSO authentication supported

✔ Restrict connections to the embed content from an IP address or range of IP addresses

Once you have created the App, you can discover your embed URL. The My Content Embed App will show posts within a given iframe.

Activating My Content Embed App

Choose APPS > NEW EMBEDDED APP (left side panel)

and click

  1. Name your App by clicking the pen on the top of the page

    and change the name according to your preferences.

    Best practice
    Use a descriptive name

  2. Check that you are on the CONFIGURATION tab

  3. Choose a Theme

    Use the Theme of your company or choose one of the general Themes.
    Theme defines colors and fonts this App is using.

  4. Add Source(s)

    Select the My Content Channel to follow on the intranet / website.

    Best practice:
    Choose all Apps to the embedded App.

    Your local users can choose what channels are relevant to them on the actual web site /intranet.

  5. Choose the layout from the drop-down (Grid / List)
    This setting defines how the embed page is seen in your company's intranet.

    Valotalive recommends the Grid view as you can see the first pages of all the posts on the chosen channels directly.


    1. Collect the data about user activity.

    2. Thumbnail attempted width
      The App will attempt to show thumbnails with this width. However, thumbnails will never be wider than the view window.

  7. To complete, copy the link URL and add it to the embed code (below) after src= , then add the embed code to the intranet or the web site.

     <iframe width="890" height="1200" src="Your My Content Embed URL here" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>

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