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Allow iFrames with embedded content on intranet
Allow iFrames with embedded content on intranet

When the My Content Embed is added to your intranet it may require an additional permission for iframes. Read here why and how.

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When you first get started adding, embedding, the My Content Channels to the intranet (e.g. SharePoint) you may come across an error stating:
“Embedding content from this website isn't allowed.” (see example from SharePoint screencapture below)

This instruction covers the steps taken at the SharePoint intranet. If your company has a different platform please check further details from your own intranet service provider.

Allow embedded contents on iFrames in SharePoint intranet

Here's the steps to allowing embedded contents on iFrames in SharePoint intranet Sharepoint:

  1. Browse to the root site of your inSharePoint site collection.

  2. Choose Settings > Site Settings.
    If you don't see Site settings, choose Site information > View all site settings.

  3. On the Site settings page, under Site Collection Administration, choose HTML Field Security.

  4. Choose Allow contributors to insert iFrames only from the following domains.
    The domain in question to be added as trusted domain in SharePoint security settings is

  5. Click OK.

NOTE ! If you don't know how to setup the iframe code, please contact your intranet administrator for further support.

Read more in this article from Microsoft:

Only getting started with My Content Embed?

Read here how to get started: My Content Embed - Activate and use

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