How to force an app to follow another in the Flow?
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Valotalive Flow is a unique “programmatic playlist”. Valotalive Flow is an intelligent and automated playlist that makes sure the content is shown according to the given weights.

Automation might play information and visualizations in random order. However if you would like to force an app to follow another in the Flow, for increased context as an example, this is possible to do with following simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the Flow view

  2. Click to open the selected Flow to adjust the setting of the Following

  3. Set the app of your choice to follow another.

    To set content to follow other content it will always play after that.

  4. Once the Following is chosen a pop-up window opens.

    Choose the app that you'd like to follow from the drop-down menu.

    After your selection click OK.

    Remember to save the Flow settings by clicking the Save all button in the top right corner.


    Do not set every App to follow an App as it creates a loop. Loops will break the flow structure resulting that nothing will be shown on the display.

    Leave at least one (1) App or a Flow as is, not following anything else.

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