Valotalive managed media player includes the following parts:

  • the media player,

  • HDMI cable and

  • power supply and power cord (EU standard)

Install Valotalive Managed Media Player

Check that the label on top of the box (and on the media player pc) matches the location where you plan to install the setup.

  1. Connect the HDMI between the Display (TV screen) and the media player

  2. Connect Ethernet cable to the media player, if not using WI-FI*

  3. Connect the media player to an electrical outlet.

  4. Turn on the media player and the display.

  5. The info screen will display the starting view for max 5 minutes

  6. The assigned contents will begin to play**

* WI-FI, wireless network, requires pre-configured settings

** Contents to play automatically, requires pre-configured settings.

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