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Displays' default layouts
Displays' default layouts

Tune the default layout settings of your company's displays.

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You can tune your Displays layout with extra contextuality and e.g. adding local time.

  • Title adds context by showing the name of the content App, Show next gives predictability

  • Status bar shows the screen's performance and helps to notice if it needs special attention.

  • Clock, can be shown on top of the screen or on the bottom of the screen

In Valotalive the default setting is to have all extra information visible on the screens.

Valotalive Display layout options: Add contextuality, predictability and status to your company's screens

Once the layout is decided, modify your company’s default settings yourself.

Set up Displays' default layouts

Go to My company / Displays' default layouts and tune the settings to your liking:

Further read how these settings change the layout on your company's screens:

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