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Tune your Display's layout
Tune your Display's layout

Tune your Displays by adding the clock. Add context and content predictability with the title bar. Show the online status with the status on

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There are different ways to tune the Displays by adding information and by changing the layout:

  • Clock, can be shown on top of the screen or on the bottom of the screen

  • Title adds context by showing the name of the content App, Show next gives predictability

  • Status bar shows the screen's performance and helps to notice if it needs special attention.

These settings can be forced to all Displays and settings can be modified on a single Display basis as well.

Other ways of tuning the Displays are

  • Orientation is a way to differentiate, as most Displays are in landscape orientation

  • Split the Display in areas with the Multiview App

Tune the layout of a single Display

Having the title bar on adds context to your contents, and having the Show next app title on adds predictability to your screens.

Following steps explain how to modify these settings on a single Display.

  1. As a first step choose DISPLAYS

  2. Locate the Display for editing

  3. Double click to open

    TIP: To narrow down the selection start typing the name of the Display to the search field

    Note! If you cannot locate the Display, check that SHOW ALL DISPLAYS YOU CAN EDIT is chosen on top of the page. It lists all Displays you have access to.

  4. Open the LAYOUT setting from the left tab

Display settings: Title ON, status ON

With the Display Layout setting Title ON, status ON you can

  • Give context to your contents with the app name as the Title

  • Add predictability to your screens with Up next announcement (next app’s name)

  • Add clock in an easy way (both 12 hour and 24 hour clocks are supported)

Show title

This shows the name of the App on top of the screen. This helps the audience to put the content into the context.

Show clock in the title bar

This can be used when the title bar is used.

The clock time comes from the location of the Media Player, if the information is available. The time zone setting can be manually altered from the SETUP.

Show next app title

This setting brings predictability to the content Flow.

When the upcoming content is visualised on the Display, your audience might just stay at the Display for that extra 15 seconds just to be able to read the next important message.

Example of Show title and Show next app title:

Example of Valotalive display setting of "Show title" and "Show next app title"

The Title on the left shows that news by AFP is showing.

Up next on the right gives predictability to the Displays when the viewer can see what content is coming up next.

Display settings: Title off, status on

This setting allows you to have most of the screen for your contents.
And if the display loses network connection you can see the status from the bottom of the screen:

Show status bar

This adds the online status of the Display to the screen.

A green bar on the bottom shows that the Media Player is online and functioning.

A red pause symbol indicates that the Display is currently offline, even though it is presenting content.

Show clock in the status bar

Clock can be used with the status bar.

The clock time comes from the location of the Media Player, if the information is available. The time zone setting can be manually altered from the SETUP.

Show display owner

This information lets people know who manages the Display.

The green line shows that the Display is online. The name between the square bracket is the owner of the Display. The information is shown on the bottom of the Display.

See this example with the Show status bar and Show clock in status bar settings turned on and used on a Display:

Display settings: Title off, status off

This full screen mode is the most common one. The screen is fully dedicated to the messages and videos you want to promote.

View distance setting

View distance helps you manage the size of the typography on the screen.

Usually the best results for typography size is to set the slider more on the left end than the right end of the bar.

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