What is a Valotalive Overlay App?

Overlay Apps offer vast opportunities to use content on top of content to drive data transparency and employee experience at the workplace.

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The Overlay App solution uses a modern web-based HTML5 technology combined with Valotalive's unique architecture to bring the best content out of your screens.

What is Valotalive Overlay Technology and how does it work?

The overlay technology provides a novel and refreshing way of combining multiple data sources to the screen. The customer creates an Overlay App that uses some data source for content and binds it to selected screens. It renders on top of everything and can utilize the whole screen but leaves most of the screen transparent for the normal content to show through. It is a really nice platform to be creative for example for product launches and other memorable events.

Which are the overlay content use cases for workplace Digital Signage?

✔️ Bring fun to your workplace. One very relevant content example is the Christmas greetings: Valotalive customers can use our turn-key Snow App to design a very unique season surprise to their audience. This short sneak preview video shows you the looks.

✔️ Make data transparent to your employees. Overlay content is a great tool to highlight the importance of the selected KPI data updates. For example, an elevator manufacturer could have a CEO in an elevator going up and down on a screen with greetings to the employees.

✔️ Create a unique employee experience. With overlay content, HR can introduce the faces of new employees to greet the Digital Signage audience.

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