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Using the Valotalive SharePoint app with Filters
Using the Valotalive SharePoint app with Filters

Apply the same filters in Valotalive SharePoint as you do in SharePoint news and target your intranet news

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Valotalive Workplace Digital Signage is compliant with Microsoft SharePoint filtering. Meaning you can apply the same filters in Valotalive Sharepoint Digital Signage app as you would in your SharePoint news and better target your messages.

Valotalive Sharepoint filter feature follows the company Sharepoint rules in filtering news posts. Possible rules could be e.g. filtering by

  • News Type,

  • Audience or

  • Translation languages

This video shows you how the filters can be added from Valotalive SharePoint App settings:

Note! All filters are case sensitive. These rules can be applied when a post has been tagged by the values and the configuration of the Valotalive SharePoint app has filters activated.

Below is an example how these are applied in a SharePoint post:

Use Filters in Valotalive SharePoint Digital Signage App


  1. Valotalive SharePoint app activated and authenticated
    Please see MS Sharepoint App - Activate and use

  2. Filter views configured in SharePoint Pages view and

  3. SharePoint news pages tagged with filters

Go to Apps, choose the correct Valotalive SharePoint App and go to the Configuration tab

Settings on the Apps' Configuration tab

Check that you have chosen the correct SharePoint Site to follow.

In the example below we have chosen Company communication site

  1. Choose what type of filters you want to use from “Sharepoint list filters”
    E.g. News type or Audience

  2. Choose the “Equality/relational operator”

  3. Choose or enter the Values and confirm with OK

    Once set up your list filters will have your values in it the same way as in the example below.

Save your changes and assign your app to a flow or directly to a display.

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