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How to separate invoices in my company?
How to separate invoices in my company?

Divide costs from different business units to separate invoices.

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Create direct expenses to different business units by adding billing assignees.

The Organization Administrator, ie. Super Admin, sets the rules on behalf of the company.

Prerequisites: To be able to add the payer, they need to be added as invoice contacts first. Add your company's Invoice contacts at the My Company | Company page.

In order for a user to be an invoice contact, they must have a payment method (credit card) added to their account.

  1. Add invoice contacts in the My Company | Company settings

    Invoice contacts are Admin users who receive invoices on behalf of the company, or a specific business unit or e.g. location based unit.

  2. Set the required business units in the My Company | Organization page in “organization” as Paid for to Yes (a). Add the Payer (b).

    If there is setting Paid for (a.) in place, but no Payer (b.) all expenses are targeted to the default INVOICE CONTACT USERS that can be seen on the My Company | Company page.

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