4. Company settings

With company settings in place you can link users from same domain to your company, activate user groups and deploy permissions.

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  1. Navigate to My company / Company

    If this information is not added yet these fields present a red exclamation mark.

  2. Click Create A Company button

  3. Start filling in the requested information

    By choosing Automatically link users from the same domain to your company the users who register and verify using the company email will automatically be added to your company.

    You can also choose to invite new users to the service. This option is available under My company / Invite users

  4. Fill in your VAT number if applicable

    Companies in the European Union must provide a valid VAT number to be exempted from the value added tax. Finnish companies don't have to provide this.

    The VAT number must be in valid EU (VIES) format (http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/).

  5. Invoice contact users

    If not chosen the Invoice contact user is the Super Admin contact.

    With this setting you can later separate costs to different business units

    Further instructions: Separate costs

  6. Default Hearts for new content for Company Users

    Use "Hearts" to track the most used apps, flows and displays. Here you can add the default setting for “Hearts”

If you ever need to change any of the settings read here how:

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