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Invoice settings and payment methods

Add your company's billing information and direct expenses.

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To keep your service up and running you need to add your company's billing information. The default payment method is a credit card.


Under My company | Invoice settings you can add

  • Address for invoices

    Main postal address for invoices. Needed if the payment method is an invoice, and if the company receives invoices by mail.

  • Headquarters address

  • E-Invoice information

    Add the e-invoice information to receive e-invoices.

    Note! To add an alternate email address as invoice recipient go to My Account / Account and add the email address INVOICE EMAIL:

  • References

    Add information that you need to see in your invoices, such as purchase order numbers

  • Default display subscription period

    To change the subscription period please contact Valotalive.

All expenses and invoices are based on the ownership of the display, but can be directed to a single user, creating an aggregation invoice. You can direct expenses to different business units by adding billing assignees. Further read: Separate costs

Payment methods

Company's payment method is managed under My account | Account.

Default payment method is Credit card.

Invoice contact users

Invoice contact's are User accounts used for assigning a payer for users or groups. All unassigned company billing will go to the default invoice contact user.

Change the setting in My Account | Company page.

Assign payers

Assign payers to different business units and user groups at My Company | Organization page. Set the required business units in the particular “organization” as Paid for to Yes (a). Add the Payer (b).

You can use this same setting for dividing costs from different business units to separate invoices.

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