My Content Channel - Add or remove content managers

Content managers in My Content Channel App are responsible of publishing and managing posts in the screens.

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Content manager role can be given to any people who need to publish messages /content to the Valotalive displays.

In the Valotalive Admin tool Admin users can

✔ add new content manager or

✔ remove content manager

Each My Content Channel App is operated separately, by adding Content managers to each Channel. This allows Admins to restrict access to only those Channels relevant to the particular Content manager.

Administer people operating the My Content Channel App

  1. Go to APPS tab and locate the My Content Channel App you wish to add /remove credentials

    If the App you are looking for is not shown, please check that you have value SHOW Apps you can edit visible (see picture below)

  2. Click the row to edit the App.
    Check that the App type is My Content Channel (see picture below)

  3. Choose CONFIGURATION on the left-side-panel

  4. ADD a new Content manager

    Add new content managers by pressing the green PLUS + symbol.

    You can add up to 35 new Content managers (email addresses)

    All added people will receive their personal My Content Channel links after the SAVE. Emails are sent from

    Repeat as many times as needed and don't forget to give credentials to other My Content Channels as well

  5. REMOVE a Content manager

    Remove user privileges from the red minus - symbol.

    Repeat as many times as needed.

    After SAVE the credentials of the removed users cease to function.

  6. SAVE your changes

Changing a Content managers email address

Some times there is a need to change the email address of a Content manager. Please remove the old email address from the list and add a new email address with the new name.

Save your changes.

A new publication link will be sent to the Content manager that replaces the old one.

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