This article provides information on Azure setup for integrations with links to Microsoft documentation to help you get your M365 cloud connected with Valotalive.

  1. User and admin consent in Azure Active Directory

    See this article for the foundational concepts and scenarios around User and Admin consent in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). You will also find the steps on how users can request admin approval for an application that they're unauthorized to consent to.

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  2. Overview of admin consent workflow

    When attempting to sign in, users may see a consent prompt like the one in the following screenshot:

    There may be situations where your end-users need to consent to permissions for applications that they're creating or using with their work accounts. However, non-admin users aren't allowed to consent to permissions that require admin consent. Also, users can’t consent to applications when user consent is disabled in the user’s tenant.

    In such situations where user consent is disabled, an admin can grant users the ability to make requests for gaining access to applications by enabling the admin consent workflow. In this article, you’ll learn about the user and admin experience when the admin consent workflow is disabled vs when it's enabled.

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  3. Configure the admin consent workflow

    In this article, you'll learn how to configure the admin consent workflow to enable users to request access to applications that require admin consent. You enable the ability to make requests by using an admin consent workflow.

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  4. Review admin consent requests

    In this article, you learn how to review and take action on admin consent requests. To review and act on consent requests, you must be designated as a reviewer.

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