Microsoft and Valotalive value customers privacy and data and do everything to keep that data secure.

Sometimes the first attempts to authorize Microsoft account in Valotalive ends up in Need admin approval notification.

There are a few steps that help you setup your Microsoft account to accept integration to Valotalive

  1. Azure AD: Valotalive application needs to be approved in the Enterprise applications list in the company AD

    Further read:

    1. MS Azure AD integrations & Valotalive on the Enterprise applications directory (Valotalive help)

    2. Quickstart: View enterprise applications (Microsoft documentation)

  2. Azure AD: A Microsoft User account has adequate privileges.

    Different M365 applications require different levels of approval by Company's Azure Admins for the Valotalive application and for the Company User account.

    Read the application specific requirements from here:

    M365 Excel User Consent & Admin Approval

    MS Power BI User Consent & Admin Approval

    M365 PowerPoint User Consent & Admin Approval

    MS Sharepoint User Consent & Admin Approval

    MS Teams User Consent & Admin Approval

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