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Setting Up a Single-App Kiosk for Valotalive on Windows
Setting Up a Single-App Kiosk for Valotalive on Windows

Kiosk mode turns your Windows media player into a locked-down display that can only run one app - the Valotalive Digital Signage Player.

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What the Kiosk app is:

Kiosk mode essentially locks down the Windows operating system, forcing it to run only one specific application in full screen. Users won't be able to access anything else on the device. This ensures a smooth recovery after errors โ€“ a simple reboot automatically launches the intended application, eliminating the need for IT support to intervene.

Why use the app in Kiosk mode:

It's recommended for Valotalive to ensure your displays only show the content you want. Using a Digital Signage Player app also prevents users from messing with other settings or accidentally closing the app.

How to set the app in Kiosk mode:

There are four ways to set this up:

  1. Windows Settings (local): Easiest option for basic setups.

  2. PowerShell Script: More technical, requires coding knowledge.

  3. Windows Configuration Designer: Advanced tool for complex configurations.

  4. Microsoft Intune or other mobile device management (MDM) provider

    1. Valotalive link for Intune

    2. Configuration manager ID: 30901Valotalive.ValotaliveDigitalSignage_7x561tq53xdke


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