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Use Chrome OS pc as a Valotalive Media Player
1. Set up policies on the Google Admin for Chrome OS pc's with Valotalive Kiosk application
1. Set up policies on the Google Admin for Chrome OS pc's with Valotalive Kiosk application

Chrome OS media player with Valotalive Kiosk application helps you to automate communication through the digital signage network.

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Valotalive uses Chrome Enterprise Upgrade for monitoring and managing, keeping the Chrome media players up to date. At the same time, various functionalities can be run on the pc, such as the Valotalive Kiosk App for operating and managing digital signage screens.

Chrome Enterprise Upgrade can enforce the above functionalities. Please complete the settings below before registering your Chrome media player with Valotalive.

Valotalive prerequisite for Chrome media players using Valotalive Kiosk App:

  • Chrome Enterprise Upgrade licenses for all media players

  • G Suite IDs for login and management

Set up the policies on the Google Admin for Valotalive Kiosk application

Sign in to the

Choose Organizational units

Create a new Organizational Unit (OU) for management of the Valotalive Kiosk application.

Read more from the Google article Adding the organizational unit (Google Workspace Admin Help)

Create a G Suite user for enrollment purpose

During configuration the user ID and password of this G Suite user will be entered to the media player for enrollment --> the media player is prompted to download and install the Valotalive Kiosk App installation file

Read more about user management from the Google article Add an account for a new user (Google Workspace Admin Help)

Set up policies to the Organizational Unit

  1. Devices > Chrome > Apps & Extensions > Kiosks

    This setting forces the device, i.e. media player to fetch correct Valotalive Kiosk app policies during the enrolment.

    1. Choose Kiosks tab

      1. Choose + symbol to add the Valotalive Kiosk App. You can locate it either with

        • the name “Valotalive” (Valotalive Kiosk App) or

        • using the App's ID = eobampdmalpepccadnpeldkoabnbfeng

      2. Once you are ready your setting should like like this:

For further read: Managing Chrome kiosk app settings (Chrome Enterprise and Education Help)

Set up Device settings

Device settings control media player updates and ensure security of the media player, do remote device monitoring, and network recovery in the event of a problem. The following configurations are recommended by Valotalive. Check compliance with company policies before making configurations.

  1. Enrollment and access

    Forced re-enrolment = Locally applied; Force device to automatically re-enrol into this domain after wiping.

  2. Sign-in settings

    Guest mode = Disable guest mode

    Sign-in restriction = Do not allow any user to sign in

    User data = Do not erase local user data

  3. Device update settings

    Auto-update settings = Allow updates

  4. Power and shutdown

    Power management = Do not allow device to sleep / shut down when idle on the sign-in screen

    Scheduled reboot = Uptime limit = 7 (Number of days before reboot)

    For further read: Setting Chrome device policies (Chrome Enterprise and Education Help)

Further read and steps:

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