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Re-Activate My Display (update on Fri 16.6.2023)
Re-Activate My Display (update on Fri 16.6.2023)

The latest My Display version is 2.0.3 - and it needs to be manually fetched to the browser for the update to take an effect

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Valotalive performed a major service update on Fri 16th June. During this update the My Display was updated to a newer version. We've learned that the My Display needs a gentle push to get it updated during which your My Display will not work.

To speed up the process you can upload the latest version yourself:

  1. Go to the display and connect a mouse on your media player.

  2. Open Chrome browser and locate the extensions on the upper right hand side (a small puzzle piece type of icon)

  3. Click from the three dots and choose Manage extensions

  4. Update the My Display.
    The latest version is 2.0.3

  5. Re-enable the Valotalive My Display

If you'd like to change to a more robust version of Valotalive on your screens please install Valotalive Digital Signage Player


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