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Why does the Display not show Content?
Why does the Display not show Content?

In this article you will find helpful information about how to bring the content back to your Display.

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There might be a couple of reasons that can be the cause of no content being visible on the Display, divided in this article into General Reasons and App Based Reasons. Step by step we will provide you a few things that can be done to solve the problem. Let's go! 💪

General Reasons

If the Display doesn't show any content and it looks like in the picture below (it is showing your company's or Valotalive's logo), there are several possible reasons why this is happening.

There is no content assigned to your Display

Check if you have assigned a Flow or an App to your Display.

Further instructions how to check these:

There is no Content in the assigned Flow

If you have forgotten to add content to the assigned Flow your display has only the logo to show. Read how to add content to a Flow:

The Displays are offline

The Display might have problems connecting to the internet and Valotalive cloud, and therefore unable to show contents.

Please check from the Displays tab if the symbol next to the Displays name is green or red, and what information the display states regarding when it last fetched any new contents.

If the Display is offline, try first to reboot the Media Player. If that does not help, please contact Valotalive for further support.

Android /Chrome dinosaur means a crash has happened

  • A reboot to the display and/or to an app is needed

App Based Reasons

You have added a My Content Channel App, but the App has no content live at the moment

The most common content App is the My Content Channel App, that you can publish messages to the Displays. Sometimes there is nothing to show. The previous posts maybe outdated, or nobody has published anything yet, therefore there is nothing to show.

Be patient

Some content sources like MS Teams need more time to pull the content and it can take up to 3 minutes until the content is fetched.

….You have been patient but nothing has happened, continue with the next step.

Hard Reload of the Display

A hard reload discards the Display's cache and reloads the engine and Apps. All content is then loaded from the network ensuring the latest version of data.

Please open the Display and then locate the REMOTE CONTROL tab on the left.

Hit "Hard reload" to reload the cache.

If you still can’t see any content on your Display, there are a few more steps you can take now.

Reauthorize your contents

Go to My account | Service Integrations to reauthorize the integration between Valotalive and your content source. All Access tokens expire after a while, and this is the most common reason for content failure with integrated contents.

NOTE! REVOKE will delete all Apps linked with the authorization.

Do not use REVOKE unless you need to delete all Apps linked with a specific authorised account.

Check Credentials

Check if the credentials used for the authentication do have adequate privileges.

As steps for you to get ahead in getting the info to the screens, these are a couple of things to check:

  1. Azure AD: Check that the Valotalive Digital Signage Application is on the approved list

  2. Azure AD: A user operating Valotalive has permissions on the Azure AD

Allow Valotalive to transfer a Display into your Account for further Investigation

Last but not least, if none of the previous steps were successful, please do not hesitate to contact us. With your permission, we will transfer one of our Displays into your account for further investigation.

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