Samsung Tizen digital signage setup

How to use Valotalive Digital Signage with Samsung Tizen (6.5)

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You can run Valotalive on your Samsung Tizen display, and setup is easy.


When you first setup the screen, you'll follow these steps:

Note: You can connect your keyboard in the USB slot of the display and use that or simply use the remote control to go through the setup.

  1. Language → Choose the correct language and click “the enter button” on your remote control

  2. Set Up Network → Select either the correct Wi-Fi network or plug in your LAN cable

  3. Privacy Policy → Click Ok to accept Samsung’s Privacy Policy

  4. Installation Type → Choose “Basic Setup”

  5. Display Orientation → Choose the preferred “Display Orientation” (Auto, Landscape, Portrait)

  6. Player Selection → Choose “Custom App”

  7. Player Selection → Enter the URL for Valotalive Samsung Tizen Player”

    1. After hitting enter, click arrow right (keyboard or remote control)

  8. Connect to RM Server → Skip

  9. Auto Power Off - choose the appropriate (Off recommended)

  10. Set Current Time → Hit next

  11. Set PIN → Choose your PIN and hit Next

  12. Click “Custom App” to run Valotalive

Well done! You have now set up Valotalive as a custom application to run on your display.

Next Pair your display with your Valotalive account by following the steps in this article:

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