Samsung Tizen digital signage setup

How to use Valotalive Digital Signage with Samsung Tizen (6.5 or 7)

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You can run Valotalive on your Samsung Tizen display, and setup is easy.


  • Samsung display

    • System Requirements:

      • Tizen 6.5 or Tizen 7

        Here you'll find a list of all supported Samsung tizen displays and their specs

Note: You can connect your keyboard in the USB slot of the display and use that or simply use the remote control to go through the setup.

The images below are from the Tizen 6.5 setup view. They might look slightly different if you are using Tizen 7, however the steps are the same.

When you first setup the screen, you'll follow these steps:

  1. Language → Choose the correct language and click “the enter button” on your remote control

  2. Set Up Network → Select either the correct Wi-Fi network or plug in your LAN cable

  3. Privacy Policy → Click Ok to accept Samsung’s Privacy Policy

  4. Installation Type → Choose “Basic Setup”

  5. Display Orientation → Choose the preferred “Display Orientation” (Auto, Landscape, Portrait)

  6. Player Selection → Choose “Custom App”

  7. Player Selection → Enter the URL for Valotalive Samsung Tizen Player:

  8. Connect to RM Server → Skip

  9. Auto Power Off - choose the appropriate (Off recommended)

  10. Set Current Time → Hit next

  11. Set PIN → Choose your PIN and hit Next

  12. Click “Custom App” to run Valotalive

Well done! You have now set up Valotalive as a custom application to run on your display.

Next Pair your display with your Valotalive account by following the steps in this article:

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