You can minimise the costs and management work with Valotalive by choosing Valotalive Awesome Annual plan.

Change the billing cycle from monthly to annual:

  1. Go to the DISPLAYS tab and click a display to open it.

  2. Choose SUBSCRIPTION from the left side panel.

    Currently active subscription is tagged with active label on the left side corner

    Choose the subscription optimal for the display. If you need to change from Starter to Awesome, click the Awesome box and choose CHANGE

  3. To change the plan from Monthly to Annual, choose ANNUALĀ below and then SUBSCRIBE

    1. All annual plans will be automatically renewed. If you want to cancel the automatic renewal choose Stop renewal from the three dots

  4. Repeat to the displays you wish to change the billing plan to.

Company Super Admin can see and manage all subscriptions under
My company | Subscriptions - Displays

Note! Go to the specific display to change the plan from Starter to Awesome.

Please contact for more information.

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