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MS Power BI overlay app - digital signage made interactive
MS Power BI overlay app - digital signage made interactive

Interact with Power BI reports on Digital Signage. Switch seamlessly from Flow to a report by clicking anywhere on your info screen

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With the Power BI overlay app you can interact with the report and explore different tabs, apply filters, click on links, and more.

The app operates discreetly behind the primary content, whether it's an App or Flow. It becomes visible instantly with a click of the mouse or a touch on the screen.

Please note that a mouse needs to be connected to the media player or the supported Samsung (SOC).

Secure integration with Azure AD authentication.


  • Using this app requires an active MS Power BI account

  • A report that exists in My Workspace or in Shared workplaces

  • Valotalive subscription

MS Power BI Overlay app - Activate and use

Easiest way for activating an overlay App is from Valotalive Dashboard. Just click Apps and then New Overlay App in the left side menu.

More detailed info of the first steps can be found here: Overlay App - Activate and use

Settings on the Apps' Configuration tab

  1. Authenticate Valotalive with MS Power BI with OAuth

  2. Choose the preferred dashboard from the drop down list as shown below

    NOTE! If the Report list is empty, or missing your report please check the following

    • You as a Power BI user have

      • access to the report in question in the Power BI and

      • access to the report in question in the Power BI cloud:

        Report should be located either in the My Workspace or in the Shared Workspace

    • Some permissions in the Microsoft ecosystem can be set to admin-restricted. Power BI app requests User consent for

    • Valotalive Power BI Application needs to be enabled in the Azure AD Enterprise applications directory.
      Read more about enabling the Enterprise applications from the article: MS Azure AD integrations & Valotalive on the Enterprise applications directory

  3. Adjust app settings

    • Choose how long the PowerBI report stays on screen after you click to open it, default setting is 120 seconds

    • Call to action (later CTA) text can be changed, as well as it's position on the screen. You can even design your own CTA image file and upload it to the service.

    • Plus:

      • Power BI pane: Page navigation

      • Power BI pane: Filters

      • Power BI Status bar

      • Power BI pane: Visualizations

  4. SHOW ADVANCED to adjust more settings

Complete the work by adding your overlay to a display.

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