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How to change contents in your My Display Chrome Extension?
How to change contents in your My Display Chrome Extension?

You can remotely check contents from an individual App or from a Flow by changing assigned contents on your My Display Extension.

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- How can I check what is showing on the Cafeteria Screen? is a question we get very often. Easiest way to do that remotely is assigning the same content Flow or same content Apps that you have on the "Cafeteria screen".

  1. Check what is assigned to the display you wish to see remotely.

    In the example below the display is playing the Flow Acme London flow

  2. Go to Displays / My Displays and locate your My Display Extension

  3. Click to open your My Display extension

  4. Choose

    1. Change flow to change the flow or

    2. Remove flow to add an App to the display

  5. Click either one of the buttons to change contents

    Which button to choose is dependant on whether you'd need to

    1. check the entire flow --> CHANGE FLOW or

    2. check contents from a single App --> REMOVE FLOW... followed by ADD AN APP


  6. All changes to the Chrome extension is automatically saved.

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