Assign a Flow to several Displays using Tags

With Tags, you can assign a Flow to a single Display or to a group of Displays.

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Before starting check that you have created a Display(s) that use(s) Tag(s). Otherwise you won't be able to assign a Flow to a Display by using Tags.
Find out more about Display Groups.

Available Tags vary and depend on the company setup and hierarchy.

1. Start by going to the FLOWS tab at the Valotalive Admin panel

2. Click to choose the Flow you wish to operate (Test flow in the picture below)

3. Once the Flow is open, choose the DISPLAY GROUPS tab on the left

Here you'll find

a) ASSIGNED TAGS (in the image there is none under assigned tags)

4. Assign a Flow to a Tag

Note: You can only assign one Flow to a specific Display Group (TAG)!

Add the TAG to the Flow from the AVAILABLE TAGS

For example, by choosing CITY you can assign the Flow to the Displays that have a Tag in the field City.

There are two (2) options:

a) The Display has a specific value on the field City
In the example below this Flow is assigned to the Value "Moshi"

b) The Display has any value on the field City (assign to all values)

Be careful with this setting. The setting Assign to all values sets your Flow to every Display that has anything set to the field.

5. Default weight of the Flow

Set the weight for your Flow depending on the need of the screen time your content needs.

Change the default value (Normal) to e.g. High, Low, or something in between.

6. Finalize with OK

Note ! You will need to set the Flow to Displays before your Flow is showing.

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