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How to create Display Groups
How to create Display Groups

Display Grouping allows you to organize content distribution more efficiently and target content with ease.

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Grouping Criteria:

You can create display groups based on various factors:

  • Target audience: Internal vs. External viewers, or segment by department (e.g., Manufacturing, Office).

  • Location: Group displays by geographic location (e.g., London, Berlin) or country (e.g., UK, Germany).

  • Company Hierarchy: Organize displays based on business units or operational units.

Headers for Differentiation:

Before creating groups, define generic attributes to act as headers for each group. A common Global header helps identify internal and external displays across the entire organization. This example uses Country, City and Street for mapping and Global, Business unit, Site/Location and Display group - production line for more precise grouping.

Creating Display group Headers

Here are instructions on how to create and modify Display Groups according to company-specific needs.

  1. Go to My Account / Display Groups

    Valotalive My Account / Display group

  2. Add a Display Group header

    Add the Headers for your Display groups (see examples) If you are only getting started this is how it looks:

    Valotalive Add a new Display Group header

    Later you will use these headers for identifying different groups by adding different Group specific names, also known as "Tags".

  3. The ORDER allows you to customize the order of how Displays are grouped within the Fleet Overview (restricted field) and Emergency Messages tabs. To change the order simply drag-and-drop rows in different order.

    Changing the order also affects the order of columns in the Manage Display Groups view. This is visible to the Super Admin by default, with access granted to others through assigned rights.

Next step: Assign Displays to the Display Groups using Tags - i.e. group names

In the 2nd step you add Displays to the Display groups by adding Tags to the respective Displays.



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