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How to create Display Groups
How to create Display Groups

Group your Displays and assign Flows for easier content and flow management.

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Display Groups become important when they are used to group Displays, to differentiate one Display from another based on the location, audience of the Display or other factors important to your use-case.

E.g. you can create a Display Group and give different Displays different values to this based on:

  • the audience of the Display, e.g.

    • internal /external or

    • manufacturing /office people

  • the location of the Display, e.g.

    • London /Berlin or

    • UK /Germany

Here are instructions on how to create and modify Display Groups according to company-specific needs.

  1. Choose My Account at Valotalive Admin tool

  2. .. and choose DISPLAY GROUPS

    Here you can see what Display Groups already exist and add new ones to the company.

    1. See the example below:

    2. Reorganise the structure with the ORDER by dragging and dropping the items in different order.

      Reorganisation changes the order how Displays are grouped in the Fleet overview and Emergency Messages tabs.

      It also affects the Display Matrix (visible to the Super Admin by default, other by assigning rights).

  3. ADD A DISPLAY GROUP - and repeat according to your needs

    Good Display Groups are the ones that describe Display's location, e.g. Country, City, Street, Department, Floor and you can also use e.g. "DISPLAY GROUP" as a name for a Tag.

Next step: Assign a created Display Group to the respective Display

In the 2nd step you assign a created Display Group to a specific Display.

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