Displays can be grouped together based on the location and/or Display's target audience(s). This helps you to automate the publishing process and target communication based on the needs of your audience(s).

Display grouping can be done by adding tags and assigning Flows based on these tags to the pre-set Display Groups.

Further down are instructions on how to chose DISPLAY GROUPS according to company-specific needs.

To get the ideal result for choosing your company-specific Display Groups, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Who are your Target Audiences?

  2. What are your Company's Main Use Cases?

The answers help you to identify the Groups and set the Displays to these Groups with tagging.

Create a Display group using a tag

  1. Start by going to the DISPLAYS tab at the Valotalive Admin panel and choose All Displays

  2. Click to choose the Display you wish to operate

    Note! You can narrow down the selection by using the Search tool on top of the page.

  3. Choose the DISPLAY GROUPS tab


  4. Choose the correct Tag, i.e. group header from the drop-down tool

    If you can't see the drop-down option Tags have not been created yet.

    1. Select existing value from drop-down

    2. Enter a new value by typing in your Value

  5. Finalize with OK

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