This article will give you an overview about the 3 steps you have to take for grouping Displays and assigning Flows to the Displays. We have an extra article linked for each step. This way you can keep track of things and make the settings step by step.

1. Create Display Groups

You will first have to create the so called Display Groups. Some examples for those groups can be: country, city, building, internal, external etc.

Read this article: How to create Display Groups

2. Assign a created Display Group to the respective Display

In the 2nd step you assign a created Display Group to a specific Display. If in the 1st step you have created the Display Group "country" (which will now appear as a tag you can choose from a drop down menu) you can now add the specific value "Finland" to it, and tag the Display in this way.

Read this article: Grouping Displays with Tags

3. Assign a Flow

After you have created a Display(s) that use(s) Tag(s) (Step 1 + 2) you can now assign Flows to specific Display(s). Keep in mind that a Display Group can only have one Flow attached to it.

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