In order manage Valotalive Displays the hardware needs to be paired with Valotalive cloud. If you have a Chrome OS hardware there are two different ways for pairing while enrolling the device:

a) Registering the hardware in Valotalive, which this article covers, or

b) Claim a display that is explained in an own article

Valotalive prerequisite for Chrome devices using Valotalive Kiosk App:

  • Chrome Enterprise Upgrade licenses for all media players

  • G Suite IDs for login and management

Register the Chrome OS device as a Valotalive

  1. GO to DISPLAYS | New players

    If you cannot locate the tab contact your company's Super Admin for further help. Super Admin's name can be found under My company | Organization. Look for "Organization Administrator"


    Use this, if you have a Chrome OS pc available, that you want to use as media player(s).

  3. Fill in the fields

    Best practice: Use a descriptive name for the Media Player.
    Good names include the exact location of the Display.
    E.g. DE Berlin 4th-floor coffee area, or FI HKI Sales office 2nd floor

    NOTE !
    The only mandatory field is the Name of the player but all of the information is good to have when you are managing a large number of Displays.

    If the Media Player is managed by Valotalive, a company-specific device ID will be added to the name. This helps Valotalive to track down the device if it changes the location or name.

    Example of the company-specific ID is as follows: [company-name.22123]

    Click OK to save your changes

    . . .

  4. Your registered Chrome OS device can be found on the My Displays page on the section Unassigned ChromeOS devices at the bottom of the page.

  5. Use the Display specific PIN when enrolling the Chrome box to Valotalive. The PIN can be found on the left side of the row.

    Enter the Display specific PIN with a keyboard when your Display looks like this:

  6. Or you can use the Claim a display process.

  7. Complete the work by adding contents to the Display

    Read more about adding the app to a flow or directly to a display.

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