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Flows - automated intelligent playlist for content targeting
Create a flow - a fully automated content playlist
Create a flow - a fully automated content playlist

A flow is a content playlist that can be personalised according to audiences. You are able to modify contents visibility by its importance.

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  1. Go to the Flows on the left-side panel

  2. Then choose NEW FLOW

  3. Name your FLOW and click OK to save

    Best practise
    Name the flow according location where it shall be put:

    1. Start the name with wider location details, and continue to a smaller entity,
      eg. a system that is going to be spread in multiple countries /cities start with a country code /abbreviation of the city (see example below)
      By adding the word "flow" to the name you are able to better identify flows from apps

  4. ADD A NEW CONTENT to your flow

    1. Choose the correct App from the drop-down tool

      Pro tip: Start typing the name of the app to narrow down the selection

      Pro tip2: You can also add a Flow, if that works better in your use case.

    2. Set the contents WEIGHT to match your preferences.

      With Weight you can modify contents visibility by its importance, giving more screen time to the more important content and showing other content less frequently.

      Repeat as many times as needed.

    3. Fine tune the settings of each content app for perfect setup.

  5. SAVE from the top right corner

    and finalize the setup assigning the flow to your display or to several displays, to a Display group, created with Tags.

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