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How to test your content remotely with the Browser Display
How to test your content remotely with the Browser Display

See Your Valotalive content on your computer screen. This guide is for anyone who isn't using Chrome or Edge browsers.

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Activate the Browser Display

  1. Log in to your Valotalive account (

  2. On the left menu, click Displays, then My Display.

  3. Click the button Create Browser Dispaly and open it in another tab

  4. A new tab will open, showing your Browser Display.

    1. The Browser display will start to play content from the Flow, if a Flow is available.


    2. You can choose what content to show in the Browser Display by assigning a different Flow or App to it from the previous tab

  5. The Browser display tab will play the contents.

    Important note: Videos cannot be played in the Browser Display.

How to change the contents on the Browser Display

  1. Go to Displays, then My Display in the left menu

  2. Look for the display named "[Your account name] + Browser Display".

  3. Click on the Configure browser display button.

  4. Here you can assign any Flow or App to your Browser Display.

If you use Chrome or Edge, you can install the "My Display Chrome Extension" to see your content. Learn here how: Configuring and launching the Valotalive My Display

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