Add an App to a Flow
Emphasize, give more screentime, to your most important messages with a Flow
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Flow is an intelligent playlist that can emphasize, give more screentime, to your most valuable contents. Here are the first steps to get you going with Flows.

How to add an App to a Flow

  1. Locate the flow you wish to operate and click the flow to modify it's settings


    If you cannot see this button you need to scroll down.

  3. Add new content to the flow

    1. Set the Weight for the content

      Weight of the content can be from Very low to Very High or e.g. Content must be seen or Content is off. No weight means that the content is shown when there is room for it

    2. Choose which content App to add to this flow from the drop-down.

      You can also add a flow into another flow from the same drop-down.

  4. Save with SAVE ALL

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