Give more screen time to your most important contents

When you have content that you want to show more frequently it is easily done by adjusting the content Apps weight in a Flow.

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Flow is an automated playlist. In a Flow there are different ways to adjust Apps visibility:

  • Use Weights to emphasize single App or a Flow, giving it more or less screen time, depending the contents significance in over all content cycle

  • Use Scheduling based on daily /weekly needs to show a particular content repeatedly, such as Lunch menu

  • Periodic visibility based on calendar days is most commonly used for campaigns or e.g. with interim reports.

Managing contents visibility and frequency on a display

Login to as first steps to manage visibility in a Flow.

  1. Go to FLOWS

  2. Find the Flow you need to adjust

    1. Scroll down to locate or

    2. Use Search tool

  3. Open the flow for editing by double-clicking the white area and start to operate the contents in a Flow

Modify visibility with Weights

Click the Volume to change the weight of the App (or a Flow)

Default value is Normal. All changes to weight are relative to the weight of other content Apps.

  1. Increase the visibility of an App on your screens by choosing High, Very high, …

  2. Decrease the visibility of an App on your screens by choosing Low, Very low, …

  3. Turn off a content by choosing the setting Content is off

Save your changes from the top right corner:

After saving the change can be seen in the Flow setup as in the picture below:

TEST CLOCK tool looks like this:

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