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Valotalive Control (early access) - How to add content to the App
Valotalive Control (early access) - How to add content to the App

This article explains how to add content to the My Content Channel of your Valotalive Control.

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Upload your content using the My Content Channel that is linked to your Control App. You can upload videos, PDFs or images.

Adding content to your Control App works in the same way as adding content to a normal My Content Channel but there are a 3 more features (see red arrows in the screenshot) which will be explained in this article.

Note ! If you don't know how to upload content to the My Content Channel, read this article first: My Content Channel - How to publish messages

1. Create a thumbnail

When you upload a video you can create a thumbnail from a selected position in the video. Just scroll the video to the point you want a thumbnail from and activate the arrow in the box.

2. Text

Add a title to your post before saving the upload by opening the text field in your My Content Channel. The text you add will appear as the name of the content in the Control App view on the display.

3. Categories

If you have created categories beforehand in the Control App settings in your Valotalive account you will now have the option to assign the uploaded post in your My Content Channel to the respective category.

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