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How to add a Valotalive Admin team member - Invite users
How to add a Valotalive Admin team member - Invite users

Invite users to Valotalive: Admin users can manage the service setup and Content managers can publish new messages to the digital displays

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There are two types of users in Valotalive:

  • Admin users and

  • Content managers

Read more about the Roles and user privileges

Invite Admin users

Check this short video how to invite Admin users to Valotalive

You can find the Invite tool under My Company > Invite users

  1. Add the email address of new the new Admin user and

  2. Add the user to the correct organisation group

Example of an invitation to service

All invitees will receive an email from with title [Valotalive] Invitation (see image below).

By clicking the link in the email the new Admin user is able to verify and activate the new Admin account.

Example of an Invitation email from service to a new service manager

Once an Admin User account has been created the new Admin user will receive a couple of introductory messages and a tour inside the service to help them get started.


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