NOTE! Do not Sign in to the Chrome device before, during or after the enrolment.

Valotalive prerequisite for Chrome devices using Valotalive Kiosk App:

  • Chrome Enterprise Upgrade licenses for all media players

  • G Suite IDs for login and management

Enrol a Chrome box to the Valotalive service

  1. Connect the Chrome box to the Display.
    Connect a keyboard and mouse to the Chrome box

  2. Plug the Chrome box into LAN (or use a WiFi connection instead)

  3. Turn the device on from the power switch

    • Choose Get started and Continue

    • Accept the Google Chrome OS Terms [Accept and continue]

Wait until Chrome updates itself and restarts.

Do not log in!

Perform Enterprise Enrolment

  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + E to go to the enrolment screen.
    Do not sign in to the Chrome box.

  2. Enter the credentials to the Enterprise Enrolment login window (linked to preferred domain)

    • Once you press enter, the Chrome device automatically fetches all necessary settings and the Valotalive App from the Chrome web store

  3. Pair the Display with Valotalive.

    There are two alternative ways for pairing:

    1. Claim a display process can be done using the PIN that can be seen on the Display

      1. Go to DISPLAYS and there

      2. Claim a Display page

        NOTE! By moving the mouse, attached to the Chrome OS pc, makes the screen change to the "PIN here window". Couple of minutes wait changes the screen back to the 8 digit PIN that can be added to the Claim a Display tool.

    2. PIN here - if your Display states PIN here add the PIN created with operation Register your Chrome OS device as a Valotalive Display (media player)

      1. Create the player information first at the DISPLAYS | New Players page.

      2. Once the name, location and other specs have been entered, you can click to open the PIN right next to the Display name (little green box)

  4. Enrollment Done

  5. Complete the work by adding contents to the Display

    Read how to add the content app to a flow or directly to a display.

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