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My Content Channel is a publishing tool for content managers. Editing is mainly done in the tool used for content creation.

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You can use My Content Channel for publishing tool either with a laptop or on the go with a mobile device. In most cases the original post is created with an electronic presentations tool, such as Powerpoint. With My Content Channel you can

Publish documents (PDF), messages with /without text and images and /or videos,

Schedule posts,

View posts in Gallery by you and other Content managers,

Delete posts or

Archive posts

EDIT a message originally created with a presentation tool

When you create your messages with MS PowerPoint you turn them to PDF format before publishing.

If you need to change the post on the screens you start by editing the original PowerPoint file.

  1. EDIT the message in MS PowerPoint (or other presentation tool)

  2. Save the PowerPoint file in PDF format

    Best practice:

    Drag and drop files and add them directly to My Content Channel

  3. POST to screen(s) using My Content Channel

  4. Remove the original post from the Gallery view with Delete forever

    1. Search the original post from the Gallery and hover the mouse on top to get these icons visible:

EDIT the text of the post created from a-z with My Content Channel

  1. Go to the correct My Content Channels GALLERY

    Search the post you want to edit, and hover the mouse on top to get the Edit icon visible:

  2. Choose the field you wish to edit (Text, Display time and/or Schedule)

    • TEXT to modify the posts title and body text

    • DISPLAY TIME to modify how many seconds one page of your presentation will be visible in the screen

    • SCHEDULING can be altered afterwards, ie. change or add the date and time when post needs to be archived

      and finalise with SAVE

You can see from the preview below how your post will look on the display.


  • DELETE is permanent function

  • ARCHIVE moves the post to the ARCHIVE folder.
    All scheduled posts are auto-archived to the ARCHIVE tab

    If needed a post can be returned from the ARCHIVE folder to the GALLERY and displays later on. With this action make sure that the post scheduling dates do not prevent your posts from showing. Change the scheduling dates if needed.

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