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Checklist - What to do if the Display doesn't show any Content
Checklist - What to do if the Display doesn't show any Content

Check the steps in the list to bring the content back to the screen. You don't have to follow the order.

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If your screen is blank or showing only Valotalive logo there are several possible reasons:

  1. Check if there is content assigned to the Display (Flow or App).

  2. Check if there is content in the assigned Flow.

  3. If you have assigned the My Content Channel App to the Display, check if there is content posted to the Gallery.

  4. Reauthorize your contents when using Service Integrations like Teams/SharePoint/PowerBI/Facebook etc.

    Go to My account Service Integrations to reauthorize the integration between Valotalive and your content source. All access tokens expire after a while, and this is the most common reason for content failure with integrated contents.

    Do not use REVOKE unless you need to delete all Apps linked with a specific authorised account.

  5. Be patient after posting new content, some sources like Teams need more time to pull the content and it can take up to 3 minutes until the content is fetched.

  6. Hard Reload of the Display (please open the Display and then locate the REMOTE CONTROL tab on the left and hit “hard reload”).

  7. Please check from the Displays tab if the Display is online or offline (symbol next to the Displays name is green or red). If the light is red, try to reboot the Media Player.

  8. If none of the steps helped, please contact us, we are happy to help 🙂

The article Why does the Display not show Content? will provide you more detailed information about each step in the list above.

Read also the instructions How to Reboot the Media Player.

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