You can run Valotalive on Windows media players, or other devices using Windows, with Valotalive's Windows Digital Signage Player application.


Downloading Valotalive for Windows

  1. Look for Valotalive in Microsoft Store

  2. Click Get, the blue button on the left hand side. The download begins.

  3. Once the download has finished.

    Click Open to run Valotalive

  4. The application will open Valotalive on full screen on the computer.

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Further information about the Valotalive Digital Signage application for Windows:

It is possible to access the navigation menu, in case needed, by pressing "Alt".

The following items can be found in the application's navigation menu:

  1. File

    • Exit

  2. View

    • Reload

    • Force Reload

    • Developer Tools

    • Full Screen

  3. Window

    • Minimize

    • Zoom

    • Close

  4. Autostart

    • Enabled / Disabled
      Change the setting to Enabled. Setting is Disabled by default.

      Once enabled, the auto-start will open the app automatically after the user logs in to the Windows.

  5. Help

    • About

    • Open Homepage (

    • Open Help Center (

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