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Share Slack Messages to Digital Signage #1 Activation in Slack
Share Slack Messages to Digital Signage #1 Activation in Slack

This article explains how to Activate Slack Digital Signage app for Valotalive. This is a 2-part activation process, this being the 1st part

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Share your Slack channels and curated messages to Valotalive digital signage in practically real time with any device. Set up securely in minutes using Slack authentication. Amplify Slack messages by displaying on Digital Signage

✔ Display relevant channels and messages from one or more Slack instances to make sure your message gets noticed and remembered

✔ Update digital signage content on the go with any device in (almost) real time

✔ Display multiple media files – support for most common media formats from your Slack messages; text, images, videos (MP4), emojis, and more

✔ Personalize Call-to-Action to motivate behavior

✔ Match your brand’s visual look and feel by creating a custom theme for displayed messages

Step 1: Add the Valotalive app to the Slack channel

  • Open Slack on the desktop, click Apps at the top of the left sidebar.

  • Search for “Valotalive”, then click Add.

    You’ll be taken to the Slack App Directory.

  • Click Add to Slack.

  • Follow the prompts to install the app

See the steps for activating the Valotalive app to the Slack channel below:

  1. Navigate to your channel and choose Details on the top right

  2. Choose More and then Add apps

  3. Type in Valotalive and Add it into your selected Slack Channel

    Congratulations, you are done!

    Repeat the step I with other channels if you need to push content from multiple channels.

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