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Share Slack Messages to Digital Signage #2 Activate the Slack app on Valotalive
Share Slack Messages to Digital Signage #2 Activate the Slack app on Valotalive

This article explains how to activate Slack Digital Signage App in Valotalive. This is a 2-part activation process, this being the 2nd part.

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Share your Slack channels and curated messages to Valotalive digital signage in practically real time with any device. Set up securely in minutes using Slack authentication. Amplify Slack messages by displaying on Digital Signage.


Easiest way for activating a content App is from Valotalive Dashboard. Just click the icon of the content you wish to activate and proceed:

More detailed info of the first steps can be found here: Valotalive content App - Activate and go live

Step 2: Activate the Slack App on Valotalive

Settings on the Apps' Configuration tab

  1. Authorize Slack

  2. Choose Slack channel to follow

  3. Call to action text (optional)

  4. Logo (optional)


    1. Number of latest posts to follow

      Choose how many of the latest posts should be shown.

    2. Posts must be newer than

      Enter maximum age of the posts, if this app should show only latest posts.

    3. Seconds per item

      How many seconds each post should be visible.

    4. News in one show cycle

      Choose how many news should be shown in one show cycle

    5. Hide links from (url) posts

      Should the app hide links with a preview from post message?

  6. Save your settings.

    Complete the work by adding the app to a flow or directly to a display.

Here you will find information about how to link the Valotalive App to the Slack channel:

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