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MS Sharepoint Online - SharePoint news on Digital Signage
MS Sharepoint Online - SharePoint news on Digital Signage

Display live Sharepoint news on Digital Signage. Extend the reach of communication with Valotalive Sharepoint Online integration.

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Share the great content you have on digital displays to engage your employees. Pull News post and blog posts from your Sharepoint Online to digital displays. Because Valotalive comes with a turn key integration with SharePoint Online, it is easy to activate the App.

SharePoint News App main features

✔ Secure Microsoft Entra ID authentication (previously known as Azure AD)

✔ Show the latest posts and news from your intranet live on your Digital Signage


✔ Post image, date, author, headline and body text

✔ Easy to activate and set your preferences

Activating SharePoint News App is easy

This video shows how to locate your SharePoint App in Valotalive. Once you have authenticated your account with SharePoint, it is easy to choose the site from a drop down menu where you’d like to pull the news to screens.

More detailed activation instructions can be found furthermore down:
MS Sharepoint App - Activate and use

MS Sharepoint App - Activate and use

Easiest way for activating a content App is from Valotalive Dashboard. Just click the icon of the content you wish to activate and proceed. More detailed info of the first steps can be found here:

Settings on the Apps' Configuration tab

  1. Authorize using OAuth2 Authorization

    Need admin approval?

    If you are prompted about needing admin approval read how to proceed from these articles:

  2. Site

    Choose the SharePoint site where to pull news or blog posts

    1. Site

    2. Site verified*

      Sharepoint is a highly configurable document management and storage system. Valotalive checks that site contains a list from which we can use to pull news. (Site Pages or Posts for blog sites)

    3. Show posts

      You can select to show all posts or only promoted posts.

  3. Sharepoint list filters

    Filter posts with SharePoint's columns by choosing the values from the drop-down tool. NOTE! Be precise, because typos and invalid values usually return no posts.

  4. Company logo for posts

    Logo for the app main page & posts

  5. Text to show on the footer
    Call to action text.

  6. Date formatting
    Select the country locale for date formatting

  7. Show advanced

    1. Posts must be newer than

      Enter maximum age of the posts in days

    2. Use whole text from text webParts from SharePoint posts.
      Preset "NO" limits the text length to 255 characters and uses the "Description column" from the SharePoint posts.

      To show full length posts this setting should be YES

    3. Number of posts displayed

      This setting, with the Posts must be newer than -setting define what posts are shown in the displays

    4. Page transition animation

      Options are Fade, Slide, Fly in or no transition

    5. Seconds per article

      How long one page of the post is shown on each round. Best practise is between 10-20 seconds depending how long articles usually are

    6. Posts in one show cycle

      How many SharePoint posts are shown before changing to another type of contents

    7. Mute videos

    8. Show time with the post date.

    9. How to handle overflowing text

      Options are Cut text or Scale to fit.
      Best practice: In most cases Cut text is the best option.

      If your articles are short then Scale to fit might work.

      Make sure to choose YES in "Use whole text from text webParts from SharePoint posts" (c.) to get the whole text t to Displays

  8. Rename the App

    Rename the app by clicking the name on top of the page.

    The best practice is to name the App to match the selected data source, in this case the name of the SharePoint News channel or Blog you are pulling posts from.

Complete the work by adding the app to a flow or directly to a display.

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