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Valotalive Control (early access) - Activate and use the App
Valotalive Control (early access) - Activate and use the App

Valotalive Control turns passive info screens into interactive displays with which recipients can interact using their mobile phone.

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What is Valotalive Control?

Switch from default content to user selected content. Valotalive Control makes your digital signage interactive. Preload the selected content in the App. Valotalive Control includes a public mobile app. The users can choose the content to play on the Display using their mobile device.

Quick guide - using Valotalive Control App in 5 steps

1. Activate your App

Valotalive Control App settings

Once you have chosen the App, name it by clicking the pen on top and give the App some basic settings in the configuration view.

a. Theme

Choose a theme.

b. My Content Channel name

Give the channel a unique name, so you can identify the right channel. The My Content Channel is used for preloading videos, PDFs (presentations) and images to the Control App.

c. Content Managers

Type in the email addresses of the content managers that are allowed to preload content to the Control App.

d. URL of the Web App that runs when the system is idle

Type in the URL of the website that you want to display when the system is on idle. Make sure the use of iframe is allowed by the website and the URL begins with https://.

e. Default Post display time

Default display time of the post in seconds. min. 3 max. 30s.

f. Enable Entry by emails

You can disable login links that are sent via email. Making it possible to login only via Valotalive admin panel.

g. Categories used

Leave empty, if there is no need to categorize the posts

Max amount: 20.

h. Mute videos

Mute or unmute videos by default.

i. Logo

Upload your company logo to be shown on a digital signage screen while choosing the content to play.

j. Static PIN

Use this string as the PIN instead of a PIN that periodically changes. Usable when one device is used to control one Display.

2. Preload your content

Upload your content using the My Content Channel that is linked to your Control App. You can upload videos, PDFs or images.

If you don't know how to upload content to the My Content Channel, read this article first: Valotalive Control App - How to add content

Best practice tip 1 - add a title to your post before uploading by opening the text field in your My Content Channel. This will appear as the name of the content in the Control App view on the Display.

Best practice tip 2 - When you upload a video you can create a thumbnail from a selected position in the video. Just scroll the video to the point you want a thumbnail from.

3. Add your App to a Display

Note ! Valotalive Control App is used as the only App on the Display. It cannot be used in the Flow or with other applications.

Best practice tip - You can also test having the Control App in the Multiview. In this case, remember not to have any other Apps than the Multiview on the Display.

4. Log in with your mobile

If you have added the App to your Display, you will see the URL of the Web App that runs when the system is idle (URL in the example: and the PIN on the right bottom corner:

Option a) Scan the QR Code. For iPhone just use your camera. For Android you can use any scanner app. Also Google Lens works to scan the code.

Option b) Navigate to using your mobile phone. Chrome browser is recommended but Safari also works. Give the PIN code that you can see on your Display.

5. Play your content

Once you have logged in, this is how the Display looks like now. You can see the available content sliding horizontally in front of the theme you have chosen.

Use your mobile phone to select the content to play on the digital signage screen. Just press the play button on the right side of each content.

Optional: If you have categorized the posts in the App settings beforehand, you can now choose on top between the different categories and assigned content.

Note ! You first have to add a category in the Control App settings in your Valotalive account and will then have the option to assign the uploaded posts in your My Content Channel to the respective category.

If you open a PDF doc with multiple pages, you can easily slide from one page to the other using the "Prev" or "Next" button. Click "Stop" to go back to the main page.

Best practice tip - The mobile phone’s screenlog will log you out of the application and the log out time depends on the mobile you are using.

In case you are giving a longer presentation using the Control App, turn off the screen-lock in your mobile phone to prevent sudden log out.

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